Have you ever woken up with neck pain? Did the pain affect your daily routine? Have there been times when you woke up with extreme neck pain and found your neck in an unnatural position? This condition is known as torticollis, which literally means “twisted neck.”


Causes of Torticollis

Acquired torticollis usually starts as a slight neck pain that continues to worsen until the point when you are unable to move your neck. Trauma, tumours, or an existing condition like Grisel’s syndrome, can lead to the development of torticollis.

Treatment of Torticollis

Torticollis can disappear in just a few days rather than weeks under the care of a good chiropractor. We will spend time manipulating the soft tissues in the neck before doing an adjustment of the neck joints. Treatment may involve daily stretching of the neck muscle along with expert chiropractic manipulation.

Prevention of Torticollis

In order to avoid torticollis in the first place, we recommend regular chiropractic care. That way, you need not experience the discomfort and inconvenience of severe neck pain.