Rib pain is usually a sharp, stabbing pain. Simply taking a breath may cause pain. Rib pain is a common issue which chiropractors can help patients with. Rib pain is often acute and patients respond very quickly to treatment. Patients with chronic rib pain often have a slouched posture with forward drawn shoulders. If the conditions left untreated, it develop into the irritation and inflammation to the cartilages between the rib and the sternum. This can cause the pain on the chest which can affect your breathing and movement.

Causes of Rib Pain

The risk factors for rib pain are:

  • Poor thoracic core muscles
  • Increased thoracic curvature (kyphosis)
  • Sedentary occupations
  • Women with large breasts
  • People who carry loads for prolonged times
  • Scoliosis of the mid-back

Treatment of Rib Pain

The chiropractic adjustments are aimed at specific adjustments to the ribs that are out of alignment and fixated. Radiographic findings can help to diagnose and gives ground to give more specific rehab exercises for the patient. Chiropractors are trained to give advice if there are any suspicion of a heart related problems or other problems that chiropractic treatment can’t help. The chiropractor will refer you to your doctor or hospital immediately.

Prevention of Rib Pain

Apart from treating the underlying spinal problem with specific chiropractic adjustments, long-term preventative treatment is extremely important to address postural issues and core muscle weakness.