The importance of good posture extends far beyond appearance. Posture is an indication of muscle balance and spinal alignment. Many health problems arise from poor posture, especially in children who are constantly on electronic devices.

Causes of Bad Posture

Postural problems can arise from several areas in the body such as forward head, rounded shoulders and pelvic tilt so it is not simply a matter of keeping your shoulders back. Bad sleeping posture with wrong mattress and pillows also contribute to the bad posture. Many times, one sided repeated tasks (including some sports) can aggravate the bad posture. 

Treatment of Bad Posture

Chiropractors are specially trained to evaluate your posture. We will start with a thorough assessment of your posture using observation, spine assessments as well as evaluation of functional tasks. Thereafter, we will assist you with achieving and maintaining good posture with:

  • An individualised stretching and exercise program
  • Core-stability exercises
  • Ergonomic advice for your work and home environments
  • Manual chiropractic treatment to help correct the underlying causes of poor posture

Maintaining Good Posture

Assessing posture is important in screening for structural problems and muscle imbalances. It also improves your own body awareness, which is important for preventing injury. In addition, you must be aware of your posture in order to break poor habits so you can reduce the stress and strain on your body. We can advise you on the best exercises to help you establish a flexible, strong and pain-free posture.