Headaches are one of the most common health complaints experienced by Australians. While prevention is always best, chiropractic care is very effective in treating headaches, both migraine and tension.


Causes of Headaches

Most headaches are tension headaches, which may result from stress, bad posture, reading for too long, concentrating for an extended period of time and physiological anxiety. A tension headache may feel like there’s pressure pushing around and inside the head. This tightness is the result of tiny muscle contractions.

Treatment of Headaches

Chiropractic spinal adjustment can correct any misalignments in the spine that might be a factor in the condition. We also use deep tissue massage, which loosens the tense muscles around the head that make the headache more painful. Once the muscles are relaxed, there is immediately pain relief even without medication.

Prevention of Headaches

Regular adjustments improve blood greatly reducing the incidence of tension headaches. If you suffer from frequent headaches, regular chiropractic care is a holistic alternative to medication.