Health and wellbeing are so important especially in the first few years of life. It is during childhood that the spine and related joints, bones and muscles develop. An active lifestyle is vital in this development, as it assists in the formation and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Child chiropractic is not only useful for treating muscle and joint injuries, it is essential for maintaining optimal spinal health. It has been shown that regular chiropractic care can assist in the treatment of colic, asthma and ear infections. Without proper spinal care, spinal problems can develop over time into conditions such as joint immobility, back and neck pain, headaches and scoliosis. It can also lead to coordination problems such as delayed motor skills, hip dysplasia and Perthes Syndrome. Chiropractic can help restore normal quality of life to these children with light adjustments and specific exercises.

Recommended Chiropractic Care for Children

It is recommended that children attend up to six spinal examinations a year. During these exams, the development of the spine, joints and muscles will be investigated. Spinal check-ups can also be performed when your baby begins to sit, crawl and walk to ensure that these movements are being performed correctly and to identify any possible impediments to proper spinal maturity.

Spinal examinations in children are simple, safe and non-intrusive. Just six check-ups a year can help secure your child’s long-term spinal health and help them lead a fun, active life.